Volunteer Guides for Veterans

Connecting Veterans with Outdoor Guides Throughout the Country

Volunteer Guides for Veterans


Some Background:

Volunteer Guides for Veterans is a network of professional outdoor guides throughout the U.S. that provide no-charge day trips to veterans. They're a 5+ year old organization that stands completely on their own but has also worked in tandem with some of the marquee veteran organizations such as Wounded Warrior Project. The network consists of over 100 independent guides operating from coast-to-coast and even into Canada.

The Challenge:

VGFV simply outgrew their original site which had been built on one of the DIY platforms and was becoming increasingly difficult to manage as the program expanded. The original site looked incredibly dated, was not responsive, was a mix-and-match of various iframe based plugins, had no search engine presence and was effectively a photo gallery with no impact on the 'business'.

volunteer guides for veterans screenshot

The Solution:

I started off approaching VGFV as I would any other business - Identifying buyer personas, identifying what types of users we were targeting (guides and veterans) and how we could improve their experience and then looking for areas where we could improve the experience for those managing the site.

The landing page starts with simple choice for their targeted users - 'I'm a Veteran' or 'I'm a Guide' with some summarized info for both. For Veterans, I created a jQuery filtered breakdown of all of the guides in the program. Veterans can choose which activities they're interested in and where they're located or willing to travel and the script simply filters the available results.

Guides interested in signing up for the program now have the ability to simply enter all of the relevant data through a reasonably straight forward form. The VGFV crew receives their info, gives them a call to make sure they understand the program and adds their listing into the system. The entire site is integrated with the Pagelime CMS platform, giving them a very easy and visual way to keep the site udpated.


  • HTML5 & CSS3 on skelJS framework
  • Off Canvas Navigation on Mobile Breakpoints
  • Logo Creation & Other Graphic Work
  • jQuery Filterable Guide Listings
  • PHP Form Based Guide Registration
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Pagelime CMS Integration